See ‘STOP PRESS’ ……. Jan 2020 mtg cancelled.



We meet at

Farningham Village Hall

  High Street




First Thursday of every month at 7.30 pm

Annual Subscription £43.00

Visitors £2.00


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  1. Margaret Newbold

    What an interesting speaker on Thursday. We Golden Oldies on the back row were enthralled by stories from Buckingham Palace regaled by Peter Hartley. ‘Jerusalem’ with his good male voice amongst the fifty sopranos put a smile on our faces and we could easily hear every word of his explanation of life in the Royal Palaces. Good cup of tea too!


  2. Margaret Newbold

    What a good evening of food and fun! Thank you again to Marilyn and the committee for yet another evening with a difference!
    A thought, Tonya. Could you compile a list of members with emails, so that one email would go to everyone on the list reminding them about the competition for the coming month, subs, outings, caterers, room stewards or whatever? Just a thought…..


  3. Margaret Newbold

    Very many thanks to the Committee for organising a lovely Christmas Party and many many thanks to the caterers for a splendid meal.


  4. Margaret Newbold

    We would like to suggest a revolution! Could the birthday posies be given at the end of the business, so that those who do have to leave don’t miss that lovely part of the evening and how about the tea, midway, whilst the speaker is setting up? It works well in an Institute not a million miles away!


  5. Lee M

    A lovely lunch was had by all on Friday 24 June at our Bake and Taste. So much to choose from and I went home decidedly full! I took some photos but not sure how to add them ?


    1. Web Editor Post author

      Thanks for leaving a comment – I’d heard there were some amazing bakes and recipes too! Send pix to me please and I’ll put them on the News page.


  6. Margaret Newbold

    Didn’t finish my comment, here is the rest of it! Its a warm hearted understanding group who did their best with me. I feel I went up from a D- to a D+ perhaps!


  7. marilyn

    Thank you for those lovely comments! I can`t praise the committee enough for their positive input and hard work . However the icing on the cake (appropriately enough!) was that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Looking forward to 99 and 100 – the pressure`s on!


  8. Lee Mullins

    Indeed a fabulous evening , delicious food, original entertainment and friendly company. Thank you to our new President Marilyn and your competent committee. I look forward to our WI’s future under your reign!


  9. nannyellowhouse Post author

    Thank you for your lovely comment and thanks to the ctte. I agree it was a fab evening – great company, good food and wonderful entertainment. Here’s to the next 98 years of Farningham WI!


  10. Margaret Newbold

    What an excellent 98th birthday party, thank you so much to the very hard working committee. It was good to see Irene, actually 98 this year, amongst us and enjoying the lovely supper. Rachel is 90 next week and I’m sure everyone joins me in wishing her a very happy birthday.

    I loved the ‘belly dancer’ too, what nerve, what beautiful moves and the fabric and beading on her costumes was fascinating.

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